Event Rules

As with any airsoft event there are strict rules in place to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment of the event, for all players. Please familiarise yourself with these rules prior to attending. These are some of the main rules but  this is not an exhaustive list and additional rules may be in place for your safety. 


FPS Limits

Sniper Rifles (BOLT ACTION)

500 FPS


425 FPS

Automatic Weapons & Pistols

350 FPS


Verbal/Physical Abuse

Any verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated, if you are caught doing so, that is it you are out. We are all here to have a good time, you will not receive a refund, you will be asked to leave and it is unlikely that you will be considered for attendance to any future events. Simply put it will not be tolerated.

Hit Taking

It is rare that players taking part in these types of events engage in skirmish level play, as such we are fortunate that these kinds of event attract a high quality of player, however if we do discover players failing to take their hits, you will be taken to one side and spoken with, a warning is usually sufficient, however any repeat offenders will be asked to leave.

For clarity during this event a Hit is considered to be any hit to either you or anything on your person including the gun in your hands, it does not matter if it is a ricochet, any BB striking your person or anything on your person is a HIT! 

When you get hit you have two choices call hit, or act it up and shout Argghhhhhh or something similar that makes it obvious that you have been hit. Then lay on the ground for a minimum of 5 minutes calling for your medic!

After 5 minutes you may take a KIA and return to a regen point.

If you are hit in an area of intense fighting, dont be a martyr to the game, you may take an immediate KIA.

We will be operating Medic Rules please see below (same medic rules as Gunman Airsoft) 

Medic Rules

For those that have played a Gunman Airsoft event these will be second nature, but for those that have not, please ensure you understand these rules.

When hit call for your medic, there are designated medic calls for both sides.

S.Vietnam Medic Call


N.Vietnam Medic Call


You must take an approximate time of 5 minutes calling for a medic before you bleed out and return to a regen point. 

If another player reaches you, hand them a bandage, they will tie this to one of your limbs (arms or legs only!) if either you or your medic is hit during the process of being medicated, then you both take a KIA and return to a regen point. 

Top Tip! Wave your bandage or attach to end of rifle and keep calling for your medic to avoid being shot at once already hit!


Regen Points

Players will have a couple of options for regens and these will be briefed by your Unit Leaders at the start of the day.

However these will usually be one of the following 

Hard Regen - Typically your in game base/starting point.

Field Packs - A bag taken out and placed in a location of your choosing deployed by placing on ground and setting up flag contained inside to mark your field regen location. 

Field packs can be destroyed by taking down flag stuffing it back inside the pack and leaving it where found, you must not move the enemy's field pack. 

If you return to find your field pack destroyed you must return to hard regen and take the field pack with you to replenish it before being able to use it again. 

Pyro & Reuseable Pyro

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to use pyro devices.

  • Any hard cased pyro must be thrown under arm only.

  • Disposable pyro thrown any way so long a it is done safely.

  • Any 'Bang' pyro that detonates within 5 meters counts as a hit, medic rules apply.  

  • Red smoke grenades are classed as incendiary grenades, you must clear out if within 10 meters of where red smoke grenade has landed, it does not matter where the smoke goes it is 10 meters from where it lands.




It is the responsibility of the player who threw it to return and collect it.

Ammo Limits & Reloading

Snipers & DMR'S - 150 rounds + 150 in pistol mags

Support Gunners - 2000 rounds

Infantry - 300 Rounds + 100 in pistol mags

Up to 3 combat grenades (Bangs or Red Smoke)

Plain Smoke (Unlimited) 


You can reload back up to the above limits at either hard regen or field packs.


 Eye Protection & Going Safe 

The only areas to be considered safe are the safe zone and car park areas, in these areas you will obey the following rules

  • No magazines in guns.

  • Chambers cleared prior to entering one of these areas.

  • No loaded moscarts.

  • No loading of moscarts. 

  • No loaded grenade launchers .

  • No dry firing.

When leaving the safe zone you must ensure you are wearing eye protection before going out into the field.

If you have a problem with eye protection in game, seek assistance from an event marshall.

If your eye protection falls of, immediately cover your eyes and shout "CEASEFIRE" a marshall will come to you and assist you.

Under 18's must wear full face protection. 

If a member of the public finds their way onto the site call 'CEASEFIRE' we will speak to the member of the public and tell them to politely go away! 

Do not shoot the wildlife, they can't shoot back and you are being a bell end!

The Demilitarised Zone - DMZ

He's left Crete. He's entered the demilitarized zone. All right. Hey, what is this "demilitarized zone"? What do they mean?

Adrian Cronauer - Good Morning Vietnam

Whilst the whole site is in play, due to the layout of the site it is impossible to have all areas as live action areas.


There is a demilitarized zone that splits these areas. Which is actually really cool as it gives us a clear distinction between our North and South Vietnam. This is a transition area, no shooting is to happen in the DMZ, guns can stay loaded, but eye protection must remain worn at all times in this area, it will be pointed out to you where this area is, it will also have signage to remind you.

There will be 2 entry and exit points from each theatre of combat. Each side will have their own exit/entry point from each area you must stick to these exit and entry points.

Final Rule



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