About Arclight

Arclight is a 'Vietnam War' era themed Milsim / Filmsim. Held annually at Utimate Wargames, Fawkham Kent. Hosted by Sierra Bravo Airsoft LTD. 

We offer an immersive experience for our players enjoyment. We do this by providing players a strong narrative element to provide the context to their roles within during the event. We are always happy to incorporate new elements into our events, if you want to put together an 5 man LRRP, Combat Photographer, ANZAC team etc... no problem, with enough notice we can write most things into the brief.


However the usual storyline follows the Vietnam War from the perspectives of 173rd Airborne AKA Green Machine, MACVSOG, Vietcong/PAVN and Civilian perspectives.

Full details of these roles can be found on the Teams Page above or by clicking here.

Typically our events are ran in 3 main parts Saturday Day Game, Saturday Night Game and Sunday Day Game. With the schedule set out roughly as below;


Arrivals From 08:00

(for setting up camp & drinking beers)


Gates & Registration Open 08:00

Day Game Brief 09:45

Day Game Start 10:30

Day Game End - Circa 17:00  

Night Game Brief 19:00

Night Game Start 19:30

Night Game End - Circa 21:30


Gates Open 08:00

Game Brief 10:00

Game End - Circa 14:30

These events are not 24hr Milsim 'Hard Routine' type events, but do have popular elements of milsim contained within them ie: Limited ammo, medic rules, rolling objectives etc... so it is important to ensure you are familiar with these rules prior to attending, for both your enjoyment and that of other players. Full details of these rules can be found here.

Players are encouraged to make as much effort with their kit as possible in order to represent the forces they are playing as. Whilst this can be a daunting task for those new to 'namsoft' however a plethora of community pages exist on Facebook that are a good place to seek advice as well as to source items for your loadout. We recomend visiting:


Namsoft - UK Vietnam Airsoft Events

Gunman Airsoft 'Nam' 

Additionally we have a large amount of clothing and kit that we lend for free to players who are keen to try a 'Namsoft' event but don't yet have their own kit as well as period rental guns available to hire.

The community of player who attend these events is populated by a very welcoming and friendly bunch of people. One of the best things about these events is the social side of things. When players put their guns away there is usually a good atmosphere around the campsite with BBQ's beers and good times. We encourage players to attend for the whole weekend and camp if possible..


 Arclight is held at: 

Ultimate Wargames Fawkham, School Lane, Horton Kirby, Dartford, Kent, DA4 9DQ 

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